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  • Business and Financial group avatar
    227 Members | 106 Discussions
    Jobs related to financial services, human resources, insurance, marketing and events, and purchasing fall into this category. Strong analytical, planning and structural skills are needed to have a successful career. On the job training and some college may be appropriate for some positions, but a bachelor’s degree or higher will be necessary as you look to move up the career ladder.
  • Customer Service group avatar
    494 Members | 276 Discussions
    Customer service occupations span a variety of industries from real estate and banking to health care and hospitality. Jobs in customer service require you to interact with the public, handle inquiries and resolve problems. You’ll also need to demonstrate active listening skills, excellent communication skills and working knowledge of computers and technology. Most jobs do not require more than a high school diploma and employers are often willing to train you.
  • Education and Social Services group avatar
    371 Members | 148 Discussions
    People who work in education and social services help people learn and find resources to improve their lives. They are a motivating force to help their students or clients become well-rounded, happy and independent. These workers are very passionate about their job and the people they serve. If you love working with families and children, this may be the area for you.
  • Goodwill Members group avatar
    17 Members | Discussions
    This group is for Goodwill members using and collaborating on GoodProspects.
  • Green Jobs group avatar
    276 Members | 133 Discussions
    More and more green job opportunities are emerging because of an emphasis on the environment and sustainable living. Recycling, waste management, energy efficiency, green construction and green manufacturing are just a few areas where jobs will be needed. Some jobs will require only a GED or high school diploma, while others will require short-term training that leads to an industry-specific credential.
  • Health Care group avatar
    363 Members | 229 Discussions
    The fastest growing occupations today are related to health care, an industry expected to create 3.2 million jobs between 2008 and 2018. This field may be for you if have a desire to help others, genuine concern for the welfare of patients and clients, and an ability to deal with people of diverse backgrounds in stressful situations. You can choose to work in institutional settings like hospitals, outpatient clinics or even the patient’s home. Popular jobs include medical transcriptionist, phlebotomist, pharmacy technician, diagnostic sonographer, radiologic technician, dental hygienist, home health aide, among others. Check out your local community college for training programs.
  • Hospitality and Food Service group avatar
    232 Members | 108 Discussions
    If you’re a first-time job seeker, have a limited work history or need a part-time or flexible work schedule, the hospitality and food service industries are an option. Jobs are plentiful because of substantial turnover among young and part-time workers. You must possess a strong customer-service attitude for these positions. And although most jobs are entry-level, many employers offer opportunities for advancement into management positions if you choose that route. These are also excellent options if you’re a senior on a limited income.
  • Individuals with Criminal Backgrounds group avatar
    153 Members | 124 Discussions
    Job and career intended for anyone who has criminal background.
  • Individuals with Disabilities group avatar
    124 Members | 80 Discussions
    Job and career intended for anyone who has a disability.
  • Information Technology group avatar
    156 Members | 4 Discussions
    IT-related fields continue to be one of the largest and fastest sources of employment growth. The education level for jobs in this sector range from high school, to post graduate study or certifications. If you’re thinking about a career in IT, you’ll need excellent communication, problem-solving, writing and analytical skills. This skills will come in handy because you will be required to respond to technological requests via email, telephone, and in person. This may be the career for you if you have great customer services skills, learn technology quickly, and can adapt to change.
  • Office and Clerical group avatar
    517 Members | 267 Discussions
    Some industries, like office and clerical, are expanding to include more responsibilities including those once reserved for managerial or professional staff. If you have strong Word processing, writing, and communication skills, you can easily succeed in these positions. Many employers now require extensive knowledge of computer software applications, such as desktop publishing, spreadsheets, and database management, so check out additional computer training that will help you rise to the top of the candidate pile. Most Goodwills offer this a variety of computer classes.
  • Retail group avatar
    295 Members | 124 Discussions
    Jobs in retail are a common and easy entry point into the world of work and you don’t need more than a high school diploma or GED. Most of the skills you’ll need you can learn through on-the-job training from an experienced employee. However, you can bring your strong communication and customer service skills to the position to really excel. Because of the variety of employers in the industry, you can apply at retailers who sell products or services that interest you, such as clothing, electronics, or housewares. While pay is low, retail jobs offer some flexibility in scheduling and are great opportunities if you have a limited work history. If you have a college degree, strong people skills and computer knowledge, you could be tapped for managerial positions.