Considering a career in the hospitality, tourism and recreation industry?  Learn how Nate worked his way up to becoming a head cook -- one of many professions available to you in this inidustry.


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By Jonathan Miller

Have you ever walked into a hotel, or maybe a resort, to check in? Maybe it’s the start of a vacation, and you’re in a good mood; or maybe you’ve been traveling all day and just want to relax. You go to the front desk, and there’s a person there waiting to serve you.

By The GoodProspec...

To work in the hospitality and food service industry, you have to be a people person! Hospitality is the art and science of making people feel welcome and comfortable. The industry is a career path where a smile, bubbly personality and patience can be worth more than a college degree.

By The GoodProspec...

What if we told you that a career in hospitality could lead to you traveling the world? If you consider yourself to be adaptable and hardworking, and genuinely enjoy helping others, then you could be a winning smile—and a certification or two—away from a career in hospitality.




Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

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