Exploring a career in the business and financial industry? Follow Marie's journey to becoming a logistician - just one of the many occupations available in this industry. 


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Bad things can happen to people in life. From extreme weather to household accidents, damage to a person’s body or property is such a potential concern that the insurance industry – which provides financial compensation for damage or losses – is worth billions of dollars to the economy.

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If you like to have an important role to play, are good at keeping organized and have a talent for math, working in bookkeeping and accounting may be for you. These jobs keep track of the money made and spent by a company or organization, and they’re right in the middle of the action.

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An office or clerical worker performs general, but important, tasks depending on the needs of their employer. Multi-tasking and attention to detail are the skills that make an office or clerical worker most effective. Multi-tasking means that the worker is given more than one duty at a




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