Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

Working in the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Industry

Working in the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Industry

Careers in hospitality, tourism and recreation include opportunities from the front desk to the back of the house and everywhere in between, supporting the experiences of guests at restaurants hotels, resorts and more.

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Considering a career in the hospitality, tourism and recreation industry?  Learn how Nate worked his way up to becoming a head cook -- one of many professions available to you in this inidustry.


Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

If you’re considering a career in the hospitality, tourism and recreation industry, click on the infographic to see high-level statistics about the field, such as:

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Have you ever walked into a hotel, or maybe a resort, to check in? Maybe it’s the start of a vacation, and you’re in a good mood; or maybe you’ve been traveling all day and just want to relax. You go to the front desk, and there’s a person there waiting to serve you.

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To work in the hospitality and food service industry, you have to be a people person! Hospitality is the art and science of making people feel welcome and comfortable. The industry is a career path where a smile, bubbly personality and patience can be worth more than a college degree.

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